Semi automated feedback in higher education


This project, with Diana Kornbrot, involved studying the viability and potential for giving quality personalised feedback for laboratory and statistics assignments to large undergraduate classes. Methods included using standard word processing and spreadsheet packages, as well as simple online survey facilities. We found that it was relatively straightforward to implement such a system, and that as a result of regular feedback students’ grades increased, with high levels of student satisfaction. The initial projects were supported by the University of Hertfordshire Learning and Teaching Fund. Diana Kornbrot, has posted many useful materials on her webpages related to the provision of semi-automated feedback. We have also used a similar system very successfully to obtain frequent student feedback, generate lecturer reports without significant workload increases and very importantly begin dialogue with students.


Kornbrot and Msetfi’s paper presented at INTED 2016 International Technology, Education and Development Conference on KornbrotMsetfiPaper1203.pdf

Slides on use of semi-automatic feedback to give statistics feedback

Slides from Msetfi’s workshop on delivering semi-automatic feedback


Guide and example materials which can be used to learn to give automatic feedback