Technology Enhanced Research & Intervention


Technology has the power to bring research and intervention into ‘the moment’. This is incredibly important because most of our research is lab based in which people complete a range of assessments during a visit to the lab. The procedure allows us to collect data with rigorous experimental conditions and controls yet lacks every-day validity. Mobile technology brings the potential to take this research out of the lab and integrate it with everyday life. Similarly, as part of an intervention, a person might be asked to complete a thought or mood diary, or record their responses to certain situations. This would often take place well after the situation has occurred. The same mobile technology also provides the potential to bring these interventions into the moment, so that diary activities or reminders take place right at the most effective time.

Collaborators in this work include Pepijn Van de Ven, Orla Muldoon and John Forbes.

See Gregynog2016_Ver02.pptx at ALS, Gregynog 2016 on developing a mobile app to test for illusory control and depressive realism effects in the real world